How to Price Your Products

Strollers, clothes, toys, oh my! You’ve hit that point where closet doors no longer close, toy bins have reached capacity and your garage has become a storage unit for all of your children’s gear instead of your vehicles. Where do you begin? Throw it in a box and drop it off at goodwill? Donate to a new parent friends? Try to recoup some of your investment by selling on Kiitos? How about yes to all of the above?!Toys




Kiitos is the place to buy, borrow or sell popular, high quality branded gear, toys, and clothing. Please do not try to sell something you wouldn’t buy. It’s not worth the hassle of trying to sell extremely loved clothing, toys and gear. Please donate or pass along to another family instead.

Start by organizing your products into what you will sell vs. donate. Once you have your separate piles, you can start to price your products for our site using the tips below.

Pricing Tips:

  • Charge less for good condition, casual clothing, infant products and older toys.
  • Charge more for new with tags, excellent condition, specialty clothing, with manual/original box, clothing/toy/book bundles.
  • Sell items in a bundle rather than individually, when appropriate (clothing sets, swaddle blankets, infant toys, books).
  • Clothing:
    • Bargain Brands: Circo, Carter’s, Garanimals. Retail <$10, Sell at $1-4. However, we recommend that you donate these products as resale value is minimal.
    • Basic Brands: H&M, Old Navy, OshKosh, The Children’s Place. Retail $5-15, Sell at $3-6.
    • Better Brands: Gap, Polo, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Nordstrom, Crewcuts. Retail $10-40; Sell at $5-15.
    • Boutique Brands: Janie & Jack, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales. Retail at $30+; Sell at 25-35% of original price.
    • Bundle clothing unless it is a specialty product like a flower girl or holiday dress, maternity special occasion/work clothes. For example: Sell 5 pjs for $15, 10 outfits for $25, etc.
  • Toys, gear and everything else:
    • Sell at 30-40% or retail price.
    • As with clothing, products sell better in “bundles”. 10 books, 5 infant toys, etc.
    • Please do not sell any products with missing or broken parts.

We do not accept car seats due to safety regulations. Cribs must adhere to the latest safety requirements found here.

Our robust pricing guide can also be downloaded here.

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