DIY: Easy Cheesecloth Ghosts

DIY GHOSTSGhostly Greetings! Looking for an easy Halloween craft for your kiddos? Try our DIY cheesecloth ghosts. They are cute! They are quick! They are much less messy than versions that require submerging cheesecloth in a Mod Podge or starch mixture.

We’ve listed our recommended materials and steps below. Feel free to improvise using supplies you already own.

We look forward to seeing your ghosts! Tag us on Instagram (@shopkiitos) or Facebook (@Kiitos) with the final product.

Materials:Ghost Prep

  • Cheesecloth
  • Small Styrofoam Balls
  • Felt (or similar)
  • Liquid Starch
  • Foil
  • Empty Shampoo Bottle/PVC pipe
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Bottle
  • Drop Cloth (or other protective cover)


  1. Put down a drop cloth.
  2. Create an armature (a framework used to support a figure being modeled):  
    • Use a hot glue gun to secure a styrofoam ball to an empty shampoo bottle (or PVC pipe, etc.)
    • Secure bottle to drop cloth with tape. 
    • Roll foil into tubes to create “arms”.
    • Use the glue gun to attach arms to shampoo bottle. 
  3. Have the child move the arms to the position they would like their ghost arms to haunt.
  4. Cover with 2 layers of cheesecloth. Be sure it has a few inches on all sides resting on the table to hold up the ghost.
  5. Mix 50% starch with 50% water in a spray bottle.
  6. Spray ghost figure to completely saturate the cheesecloth.
  7. Let dry overnight.
  8. Carefully remove from armature (so your face doesn’t stick to the ball).
  9. Add a felt face using a glue gun or craft glue. 
  10. Display with pride… You can also thread fishing line or very thin wire to hang from trees, staircases, chandeliers, etc.



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