Our School and Nonprofit Partners

Our new focus: Fundraising!

In case you haven’t heard, Kiitos is now exclusively focused on school and nonprofit fundraising

Raising children is equally rewarding and expensive. When we started Kiitos, our goal was to be more than another marketplace or neighborhood swap. When listing items on Kiitos, sellers choose to donate all sales proceeds (minus a small service fee) to one of our donation partners.

We hope parents will make the extra effort to list their higher end items on Kiitos instead of dropping everything off at Goodwill (or equivalent). Not only will they bring joy to another family at an affordable price, they are supporting their child’s school or a nonprofit close to their heart.

Support our first school and nonprofit partners today!

We are looking for more schools! Please share Kiitos with your school PTA/PTO organization or have them contact us at Hello@shopkiitos.com. More information can be found on our FAQs page and this blog explains how to sign up.


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