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Kiitos has 3 co-founders, Bri Baird, Sarah Duffy and Ale Kulvik.  We are all parents who believe in empowering parents to extend the life of

their baby, kid and maternity products for a zero waste economy.

Bri and Sarah met through a mutual friend who connected them knowing they were both newer to Denver and had both recently had babies.  Bri and Sarah and their children quickly became friends.

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After joining a local MOMS Club, Bri and Sarah realized many of their needs as new parents were shared within their playgroups.  Bri and Sarah discussed their ideal parenting app and came up with the most comprehensive enormous application possible; they then scaled it down to what they really needed and what their friends would use today.  They still have not found a developer who has an algorithm for sleeping through the night or changing diapers.

Sarah and Bri’s current networks of parent groups (including high school friends, college friends and previous places they’ve lived) are trusted for parenting help and advice; but instead of just asking for product recommendations they were seeking used recommended products from trusted friends for their kids.  They noticed trends within facebook groups of people seeking to borrow or buy items.  Facebook is not an ideal platform for this even within established groups.  Bri and Sarah focused on what would be an ideal marketplace for parents: Kiitos was born.

Bri and Sarah developed Kiitos from their own needs and to help other families buy, borrow and sell among friends and friends of friends.  So many previous apps and websites have focused on buying and selling without focusing on who you are buying and selling from; we wanted a marketplace that tapped into our friends and friends of friends networks.  Kiitos allows users to have a safe network and buy, borrow, sell great recommended products from trusted friends.  Our CTO Ale joined the team to help us build a safe, user friendly site for Kiitos.  Ale brings both startup experience and is also a new parent.  He shares our vision for creating a site to help parents among friends.


As parents we rely so much of our purchasing on recommendations from our friends, it only makes sense if we are going to buy used baby, kid and family clothing/gear that it’s from our friends or their network of friends.  Kiitos allows parents to be greener, to save green ($) and to connect with friends and their friends.  We wanted to create an app and website that would help families, whether you are cleaning out your garage of your double stroller or looking to borrow pack ‘n play when you stay at your in-laws.  Kiitos is here to help you!

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